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If you've been hurt in a vehicle accident, you will want to talk to a lawyer who specializes in personal injuries. Tracking down the right legal representative will help get you on the way to an emotional recovery as well as potential financial recovery.Experience and knowledge are your allies when you face the process of filing a damage claim and the ensuing fight for justice, especially in the Los Angeles, CA area. Our attorneys have decades of experience in all areas of law, but our specialty is helping our clients recover from the trauma and hardship caused by motor vehicle accidents and their results. You don't pay us anything unless we recover the damages you are owed. We can help you with these types of injuries/accidents:

Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Pickup Truck Accidents

Pickup Truck Accidents

Ridesharing Accidents

Ridesharing Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Catastrophic Accidents

Catastrophic Accidents

Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-Truck Accidents

Pedestrian's hit by Vehicle

Pedestrian's hit by Vehicle

Injured as a Passenger

Injured as a Passenger

Bicycle Accidents

Driving while Distracted Accidents

Scooter Accidents

Scooter Accidents

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Car Accident Injury Law Firm - Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC - Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA Car Accident Injury AttorneyLos Angeles, CALos Angeles, CA Car Accident Injury Attorney

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Los Angeles Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury Attorneys

The law firm is very communitive which means a lot, to be informed of any changes is helpful. Whenever I had any questions I would send an email to Mario G. and he would respond quickly and answer my questions without hesitation. Thank you John C. Ye

Los Angeles Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury Attorneys

My partner and I got into in accident a year ago or so. From the very beginning this law firm was so understandable and easy to work with. Marline Gutierrez was the person assign to us, from the very beginning she reached out to us. She always kept us up to date on what was going on and often gave us a call to check in. She was always there to answer all the questions I had, Marline is very professional and polite. I would 100% recommend Law Offices of John C. Ye!

Yoanna Rodriguez
Los Angeles Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury Attorneys

"I’m very pleased with The Law office of John C Ye and Alex Gonzales. It was my first time needing representation and from the beginning  I spoke to Alex Gonzales on the phone I felt that confidence that I was in good hands. When I had questions and concerns she answered me right away,  she was very helpful and friendly. The office was professional and made sure everything was handled in a prompt manner. They made the entire process a lot easier and stress free.  I would definitely recommend them. Thank you!"

Gloria Gerber
Los Angeles Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury Attorneys

My best friend recommended their service and they handled my case with ease. They update me on the status and made sure my medical was taken care of. I highly recommend their service.

Angela Lim
Los Angeles Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury Attorneys

I recently settled a case from a car accident last year and Dania was assisting me the whole time. She was prompt with responses and detailed with her answers. She definitely took care of the hassle for me and super grateful. I definitely will keep them in mind for a next time! But hopefully no more car accidents lolThanks Dania!-Leslie Acosta

Leslie Acosta
Los Angeles Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury Attorneys

I want to thank Sylvia De Anda for helping me out with my case. Was very nice and helpful. I highly recommend this law office.


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Here's a Few Types of auto accidents injury cases we can help you with:

  • A private passenger automobile and a commercial truck
  • A car with another motorized vehicle (including trains, buses, tractor-trailers (semis), motorhomes, towed trailers, motorcycles, tractors and/or farm equipment, etc.)
  • A motorcycle and an individual
  • A motorcycle and a bicycle
  • A motorcycle and an animal
  • A car and a fixed object or structure

Frequently Asked Questions

Facing normal everyday life can be drastically affected as a result of your injuries. If you have any questions not covered here, please call our office. We will be happy to help you.

Am I Entitled to Emergency Healthcare Procedures in California If I Don’t Have Medical Care Insurance?

Am I Entitled to Emergency Healthcare Procedures in California If I Don’t Have Medical Care Insurance?

The quick answer is Yes. Federal government policy requires that medical facilities are mandated to provide you with emergency treatment to help stabilize the medical condition of any patient hurt in a vehicle collision. If you don’t have insurance policy coverage, however, you will be billed directly by the professional medical providers for any services utilized.Most insurance carriers have cut deals with medicine and health providers to provide services at a more affordable charge, but if you don’t have medical insurance you will likely not receive these discounts or legally mandated discounts for Medicare or Medi-Cal charges; you might be billed for the maximum amounts due and sued if you don't pay.

My Hospital Invoices Are Growing, Exactly What Should I Do?

My Hospital Invoices Are Growing, Exactly What Should I Do?

Call Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC to explore if there is help and support readily available. If you have a private professional medical plan, Medicare, Medi-Cal, Covered California, or ObamaCare, your insurance provider should be invoiced for your healthcare costs, but you still can be responsible for fulfilling a deductible amount and for any copayments in your medical insurance.You may also have health care coverage integrated in your auto insurance policy, call Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC to better understand your choices and to make sure you get all of the money you ought to get.

Is the Man Or Woman Who Hit Me Lawfully Responsible for My Hospital Costs?

Is the Man Or Woman Who Hit Me Lawfully Responsible for My Hospital Costs?

They may be responsible for all, a portion, or none of your medical-related costs. Since California is a Comparative fault state, you are allowed to receive reasonable and customary healthcare costs, but you are only eligible for the proportion that is not your fault. So, if the accident is determined to be 100% the fault of a different person, you should recover one hundred percent of the damages. If, however, you are found to be to blame in any way, your settlement will be discounted by the corresponding percentage.For example, if you were struck by a car (they were at fault) but you were not wearing a seatbelt (as required under California Vehicle Code Section 27363), and injuries you received were 30% as a result of your seatbelt violation, your settlement may be reduced by 30%. Call Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC to discuss your legal and medical choices.

Why Do My Back and Neck Hurt After My Car Crash?

Why Do My Back and Neck Hurt After My Car Crash?

Car crashes happen when forces collide. One or two of those factors may be moving or stationary, but when forces collide, physics happens. Newton's First Law of Motion states an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. This law can be applied to you, your vehicle, and anything your vehicle hits (or is hit by).Despite the fact that you may be wearing your seat belt, you are not part of your vehicle. When an opposing force causes your car to move in a totally different direction than your entire body is traveling, personal injuries occur. For example:

  • your body is immobile at a stop sign and your car gets rear ended
  • your body is moving forward and your car or truck gets hit from the side
  • your body is moving forward and your car hits an immovable object

the stresses that your body experiences are increased by the variation in your momentum and direction of travel, and physiological injuries can result. Unsurprisingly, a good number of the injuries you may possibly sustain may not become obvious until long after the crash. For this reason, you really need to seek out the advice of an auto accident personal injury attorney like Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC immediately when you are involved in an auto collision. You could have sustained permanent wounds that may not be evident, and Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC will make sure that you get examined and follow the most effective steps to ensure your health and safety and the possibility of any liability insurance claim that may very well occur from the vehicle accident.

I got in a Car Accident While Carrying out Work for My Company, What Should I Do?

I got in a Car Accident While Carrying out Work for My Company, What Should I Do?

Numerous businesses and companies might need their personnel to drive a car as an important part of their day-to-day work responsibilities. Salespeople, shuttle drivers, bus drivers, truck drivers, delivery drivers, home health workers, and delivery drivers are always on the road for their employers. If you are involved with a vehicle collision while working during the scope of your employment you are permitted to file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer.Typically, your commute to and from your job are not eligible for workers’ compensation claims, but there are exceptions, and Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC knows what those are. If, for instance, your company requires that you supply your own vehicle for your job, your commute may be eligible. Also, if you are injured in the operation of undertaking a common practice with your job (running to the bank to make a company deposit, going to purchase lunch or snacks for your office or co-workers, etc.), you might also be eligible. The skilled team of lawyers at Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC will be certain to help answer your inquiries and concerns when you schedule your free, no commitment, assessment.

More Information on Auto Accident Injuries

Accidents Involving Seniors

As reported by research done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2017, 18% of all traffic deaths in 2016 were among people 65 years of age and older. A 2019 study from AAA (The Automobile Association of America) found that per mile traveled, fatal crash rates increase beginning at age 75 and rise sharply after age 80. And while they determined that this is mainly due to an increased risk of injury and medical problems, not an increased risk of crashes, if they are driving the other car you may be at a additional risk. If you or a family member in the South Gate, CA area have been in an accident involving a senior citizen, or if you are over 65 and have been in an accident, contact Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC for a free consultation and to go over your potential solutions. It is well known that as we age we begin to lose a lot of of our skills. Our hearing can diminish, as can our vision, energy level, cognitive ability, and response time. The failure - or delayed ability - to respond to a risk or unsafe circumstance can be the difference between steering clear of an accident completely or becoming part of the accident data. With the advent of better medical technological innovations and nutrition, people are living for a longer time and have more active life styles. As a result, there are more elderly drivers on the road, and subsequently there are more accidents involving older drivers. According to Consumer Reports, in 2017 over 3.5 million Americans 85 and older held a driver's license. If you or a family member in the South Gate, CA area have been in an accident involving a senior citizen, or if you are a Senior driver and have been in an accident, contact Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC for a free assessment and to look at your potential solutions.

Failure to Yield Accidents

Motorists all over the South Gate, CA area "fail to yield" on a consistent basis, resulting in numerous accidents. "Failure to yield" is precisely what it sounds like: someone fails to yield the right of way to someone else, which causes an accident.Failure to yield accidents are quite common in South Gate, CA and frequently occur at intersections, with an inordinate quantity of accidents resulting from left-hand turns. Failure to yield accidents also quite often occur at flashing red lights when a vehicle fails to make a complete stop, blinking yellow lights, and when drivers assertively merge onto highways and/or when lanes merge. While failure to yield accidents are typically more minor, they could still result in property damage and physical harm, which may contribute to loss of revenue because of lost time at work and disability. We've seen our share of failure to yield cases at Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC and have lots of expertise trying these cases. Allow us to work for you if you need an attorney who will fight for your legal rights to the fullest extent of the law. Call (877) 278-6890 today.

Texting While Driving Accidents

Texting behind the wheel of a moving vehicle is the worst potential thing you can do, and is not only hazardous, it is quite commonplace. A 2019 Driver Knowledge study determined that 1 out of every 3 people text while driving, even though texting while driving increases the risk of crashing a startling 23 times. And while 47 out of 50 states have banished texting while driving, it still happens, and it still creates accidents on a regular basis. If you or a loved one or family member have been in a car accident while texting, or while the other driver was texting, you unquestionably need to contact us. Our track record for aiding South Gate, CA area drivers is exceptional, and with the serious nature of this offense you need a legal team who is not only accomplished with texting while driving accidents, but more importantly, their litigation.

Motorcycle Accidents

In 2018, 8.02% of US households owned motorcycles. (Motorcycle Industry Council, 2019)While motorcycles account for only 0.6% of all motor vehicle miles traveled, motorcycle drivers account for 14% of all traffic fatalities and 17% of all occupant (driver and passenger) deaths, (NHTSA, 2019) and while 20% of passenger vehicle accidents lead to injury or dying, 80% of motorcycle accidents account for injury or loss of life. Also, motorcyclist deaths were more likely to happen in urban than in outlying areas (60% vs. 38%). (IIHS, 2019)If you know someone who was involved with or died in a motorcycle accident, there is no more effective legal team in South Gate, CA than Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC to aid you. Click on our Contact link or call (877) 278-6890 right now to seek advice from one of our competent attorneys. We will fight for you.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists can be even more complicated than vehicle-to-vehicle accidents because the other party may or may not have insurance. Bicyclists encounter quite a few of the exact same challenges as motorcyclists, but at lower rates of speed. They are usually not as obvious as cars and/or trucks, they aren't as secure on 2 tires as a car is on 4 tires, and a traffic accident including a bicycle has a extremely high percent likelihood of contributing to physical injuries. 81% of pedestrian fatalities in 2018 occurred in urban areas, and 40% of pedestrian deaths among people 70 and older in 2018 happened at intersections, as opposed to 22% for those younger than Age 70. (IIHS, 2019).If you were in an accident involving a bike, a pedestrian, or a motorcycle you are likely to want a seasoned lawyer or attorney. You need Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC. Call us at (877) 278-6890 today.

Teenage and Inexperienced Driver Accidents

As you can potentially imagine, the more practice a person gets when driving, the more assured they grow to be and the more comfortable driver they come to be. Unfortunately, Teen and brand new drivers are required to "practice" on the roads with the rest of us, and they frequently have a lot to learn! A 2019 Texas A&M Transportation Institute study concluded that Teens are more likely to speed and tailgate than seasoned drivers. That same report revealed that Teens normally do not consider driving at 5 to 10 mph above the speed limit to be hazardous. The NHTSA found that drivers ages 15-20 had the highest percentage in speed-related fatal accidents (32% and 22%) in comparison to any other age-group in 2016, and that speeding was a consideration in 31% of Teen driver fatalities. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discovered that per mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are almost 3 times more likely to be in a deadly auto accident than drivers aged 20 and older, and that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of loss of life for US teenagers. Granted, no one starts off as a fantastic driver; all of us needed practice, and some of us are continuing to learn! But Teens who don't have experience are definitely more inclined to getting into car or truck accidents. Despite all of the research demonstrating that teenage drivers can make a handful of mediocre choices, the hard truth is that they are on the road with us, and their tendencies affect you and your loved ones. If you have been involved in an automobile accident connected with a teenage or new/novice driver, you need to contact Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC so that we can help you throughout the legal process. There are a multitude of new drivers hitting the roads in and around South Gate, CA every day, and until they get the valuable experience they need, they are a danger to all of us. Call Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC today for a free discussion. We will discuss your questions about current and upcoming healthcare costs, loss of income, emotional, and physical pain and suffering that will usually occur, and the possibilities for a lawsuit to help you get on with your life.

Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Regrettably, people responding to crashes are also subject to collisions of their own. In 2018, 168 people died in accidents involving emergency vehicles. The great majority of these deaths were occupants of non-emergency vehicles (56%); deaths among pedestrians, emergency vehicle drivers, and emergency vehicle passengers each accounted for about 13% to 14% of the fatalities. When individuals are attempting to get somewhere fast, crashes can occur. If you or a loved one were hurt in an accident involving an ambulance, police car, firetruck, or other emergency vehicle, our law firm, Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC can assist you. Call (877) 278-6890 today to set up your initial consultation.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

There are also other cars and trucks that respond to the scene of collisions; tow trucks for example. While you could possibly think about tow trucks as the men and women who show up to help clear away the consequences of a crash or assist an incapacitated car or truck, accidents involving tow trucks occur more often than you would envision, and can cause appreciable damage to vehicles, not to mention serious accidental injury to people. Like large over-the-road commercial transport trucks (semi-trucks, 18 wheelers, etc.) tow trucks are large, bulky, quite heavy and not very agile. Their size and lack of mobility play a role in the destruction they can do, and when you put a towed-vehicle into the mix you elevate the chances of accidents even further. Department of Transportation cars and trucks and other service vehicles (tow trucks, electric power company vehicles, road maintenance trucks, etc.) are all around you, and yet we normally do not notice them as much because we are so used to seeing them. The fact is, however, that they are big, on the move, and can represent hazards on the roads.You should call Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC as soon as possible at (877) 278-6890 if you are involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles typically have enormous organizations and/or corporations behind them, and those companies/corporations have deep pockets that they may use to their advantage. You need a firm in your corner who will fight for your rights; Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC will do that. Our accomplished law firm has  been supporting South Gate, CA area individuals for decades, and we will guide you as well. Dealing with personal injury and property damage due to car or truck accidents in and around South Gate, CA can be intricate. Having an ally who is equipped to interpret the ever changing laws and legal landscape as it applies to automobile accidents and their consequences - attending to your current and prospective physical, emotional, psychological, and financial needs - is our area of expertise at Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC. Having a seasoned team of professionals advise you all through the legal process is priceless, and yet Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC will not charge you a cent until we win your suit. You don't want to attempt to take on a legal situation without the help and support of an auto accident attorney that is comfortable with the South Gate, CA court and legal system. To do so would be both careless and unrealistic. The challenges you face in the South Gate, CA process of law will be insurmountable without the proper legal assistance and counsel, which is why you need Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC.As part of your claim you will need to take into consideration the current and foreseeable future consequences of the vehicle accident. Healthcare bills, physical damage, loss of revenue stream, pain and suffering, emotional pain, and reimbursement for death, among countless other issues, will all need to be addressed, and planning to do so all by yourself and unrepresented is foolhardy. The rival parties will be represented by legal counsel, and your own insurance company will want to get away with paying out as little as possible, so you require someone who will stand up and fight for your rights. You need a firm who has been involved with these types of courtroom proceedings a great number of times before. You need someone who will fight for every penny you are owed and who will ensure that you will be covered for the rest of your life if necessary. You need Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC.Without a doubt, while the insurance claims-person that your insurer will designate to the case is supposed to be keeping an eye out for your interests, their job is to save the insurance company money and settle any claims with that in mind. Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC will go toe-to-toe with your insurer - and any other parties as well - to ensure you recover the best payment possible, one that not only covers current obligations, but possible future expenditures as well. Without a experienced auto accident law firm representing you, you don't stand a chance of getting a satisfactory settlement. Call (877) 278-6890 right now for your free, no obligation consultation.

Auto Accident Lawyer in South Gate, CA

The law firm of Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC work to ensure that victims of auto accidents aren't further compromised by incapable legal representation. It makes sense that insurance providers are more profitable if they don't pay out huge settlements; the more money they try to keep, the more profitable they are. Sadly, that way of thinking may include repayments to you as well as other affected parties, so they will want to settle your legal claim for as little money as achievable, but Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC will fight to make certain that you get every dollar that you are owed.

Distracted Driving Accidents

It is really difficult to remain 100% focused on driving. Whether it's in-car distractions (kids, music, cellular phones, animals, etc.) or something outside your vehicle (the view, traffic, other vehicles, billboards, wildlife, etc.), distractions occur. Unfortunately, being distracted while driving a vehicle is one of the most treacherous things you can do. The most frequent (62%) cause of distracted driving crashes is being lost in thought or letting your mind wander. (TeenSafe, 2018)Anything that can draw your focus away from the road is dangerous. In the East Los Angeles, CA area there are plenty of distractions, and if one of them leads to you getting in a car accident, you know who to call: Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC at (877) 278-6890.

Roll-Over Crashes

Rollovers normally occur because of the higher center of gravity in certain vehicles, especially SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) and large trucks. Rollovers can occur when a driver turns the vehicle too sharply or quickly and the vehicle's center of gravity suddenly shifts. This shift often causes the tires to be deprived of physical contact with the ground and the vehicle to flip. For obvious reasons, rollover accidents can be extremely harmful. A total of 7,488 passenger vehicle occupants died in rollover crashes in 2016. 28% of the accidents did not involve any other collision. (IIHS, 2018)As the acceptance of SUVs increases, so does the percentage of SUV-related traffic collisions. Unfortunately, the death rates involving SUVs is much higher than that of other vehicles. According to a 2019 IIHS study, 42% of SUV occupant deaths occurred in rollovers while only 20% of passenger deaths in non-SUV cars occurred in rollovers. The IIHS 2018 study says that while car occupant deaths have dropped 46% since 1975, SUV occupant deaths have risen ten-fold. The physical design and style of SUVs are such that they have a higher center of gravity than typical passenger cars and therefore are more susceptible to rollovers. Since the roofing system of most vehicles is not designed to support the weight of the car, the impact sustained in a rollover can crush the roof and cause massive and catastrophic injuries to the passengers inside the vehicle. Rollover accidents are also commonplace with large trucks and trucks with trailers (semis). The same 2019 IIHS study notes that in 2018 45% of large truck occupant deaths occurred in rollovers

Side Impact Collisions

There are two varieties of side impact accidents: the "sideswipe" and the T-bone. Sideswipes commonly occur when 2 (or more) automobiles are moving in the same direction and the driver's side of one of the vehicles comes in contact with the passenger side of the other vehicle. Sideswipes can cause significant damage to both vehicles, including structural issues and complications that cannot instantly be spotted but could render the car or truck quite unsafe. Other times the dent or damage is so significant that the car is not operational and could be a total loss. In either event, our attorneys will guide you through the process of dealing with the insurance companies and any legal situations that may arise. The other type of side impact collision is the "T-bone" and can have much more lethal results. T-bone collisions come about when the front of one vehicle strikes the side of the other vehicle (like a "T"). T-bone collisions are almost always much worse than sideswipes because the momentum in a sideswipe is more of a "glancing blow" while a T-bone transfers all of the power and momentum from one vehicle into the side of the other vehicle. The power of a T-bone accident often brings about considerable trauma to the occupants of both vehicles, and can often result in someone's death or permanent disability. If you or a loved one have been the victim of any type of automobile accident, we want to talk to you. Our legal specialists will help you ascertain if there are legal and financial solutions available to you for your pain and suffering. Call Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC at (877) 278-6890 for a free, no commitment consultation.

Head On Crashes

Thankfully, head-on accidents make up only a small percent of vehicle collisions. Head-on crashes happen far more frequently in remote areas than urban areas, accounting for 13% of all rural fatal crashes, while only comprising 7% of lethal collisions in metropolitan areas. (NHTSA)Due to the extent of most head-on collisions, an ambulance and/or EMTs are almost always dispatched to the location of the auto accident, leading to potentially significant medical-related bills in addition to the liability, property damage, and damage to the motor vehicles involved. Not surprisingly, these types of collisions can alter the focus of one's daily lifestyle physically, emotionally, and financially. You need a supporter; someone who knows legal strategy and who will fight for you and your family. If you are associated with a head-on collision - or any accident for that matter - you will want to call Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC at (877) 278-6890 for a no-cost consultation. Our organization of lawyers has collected millions of dollars in settlements for our valued clientele in the East Los Angeles, CA region, let us do the same for you, your loved ones, family, or friends.

Freeway Vehicle Accidents

High-speed crashes are horrific. Because of the laws of physics, the more rapidly you (or the opposing car) is moving, the better the possibility for the loss of vehicular control, damage, and/or bodily injury when your vehicles collide. Even a small "tap" at high speeds can give rise to a disastrous consequence if it causes you to lose control of your vehicle. The seriousness of collisions on the highway - and their greater speeds - lead to more serious crashes and therefore more extensive damage and claims. To recover the highest settlement if you are involved in a highway (or any) accident in the East Los Angeles, CA area, you should call Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC. We can be reached by calling (877) 278-6890 or by going to our "Contact" page. Your initial discussion is free of charge and carries no obligation, and you won't pay us anything unless we win your case and you receive a settlement. Death and life threatening injuries are often the outcome of highway accidents. Once again, due to the higher speeds and actual physical forces involved, the damage to people and vehicles is almost always greater than a "fender bender" in a residential district. The potential seriousness of freeway accidents increases when you take into account all of the large commercial transport trucks, commercial vehicles, semitrailers, and tractor-trailers that seem to take over the freeways. Due to their body mass and lack of maneuverability, larger trucks cannot stop as readily or make tight turns without the risk of rollover. This condition is compounded at the more substantial speeds of highway traffic. Motorcycles are also a problem because they frequently "open up" their throttles when they get on the highway, and they can seemingly appear from nowhere. Regardless of whether it involves another passenger vehicle, a motorcycle, or a truck, freeway catastrophes are frequently disastrous, and you need assistance if you are to recover from the physical, psychological, emotional, and financial side effects of your involvement. Contact us today at (877) 278-6890.

Accidents Due to Weather Conditions

According to a 2019 report done by the Federal Highway Administration, about 21% of motor vehicle accidents are weather related.

  • 70% of weather related crashes take place on wet pavement
  • 46% during rainfall
  • 18% during snow or sleet
  • 16% on snowy or slushy pavement
  • 13% on icy pavement
  • 3% in fog

The Weather Channel reported in 2018 that weather related automobile accidents kill more individuals every year than large-scale weather disasters. (The Weather Channel, 2018)Clearly, weather is a contributing factor in automobile accidents, and you need an expert who is there for you - rain or shine - and proficient in dealing with all types of accidents. Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC has been helping East Los Angeles, CA area residents mitigate all sorts of claims resulting from traffic accidents for years. Call us at (877) 278-6890 and join our growing list of happy and satisfied clientele.Unpleasant weather leads to threatening driving conditions, dangerous roads, and more accidents. It stands to reason that the worse the weather is, the more likely there will be consequences on the road. According to there are about 156,000 accidents annually due to icy roads. Unquestionably a contributing factor is that it will take ten times longer to stop on snow and ice than it does on dry pavement (GEICO Insurance, 2018). If you are used to wonderful weather like we have in East Los Angeles, CA most of the year but you and/or your family are required to drive in ice, snow, fog, or sleet, you may experience conditions that result in an accident. Don't worry, Law Offices of John C. Ye, APLC has plenty of experience with all types of traffic accidents, and we're here when you need us.